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Serving Fort Worth Since 1967! ​

Red Carpet Car Wash was opened in December of 1967 by sole owner and operator H.C. "Blake" Blakewell.  Blake had a history in the car wash business after co-owning the Alart Car Wash on Morton Street in Fort Worth and the 3 Minute Car Wash off Abrams in Arlington.  After purchasing the current location in 1967, our Camp Bowie location was designed and built in record speed.  We offered Enco gas and vacuumed the interiors as well as washes.  Blake installed "Sherman" equipment into the tunnel.  That included a high pressure water sprayer that followed the contour of a vehicle guided by a bicycle wheel.  That was followed by brightly colored plastic brushes, a steam cleaner for wheels, and blowers for drying. Later, a hot wax arch with flashing lights was added.  It was quite a sight to watch the cars move through the tunnel, so windows were installed in the waiting room along with a small staircase where curious kids could observe the process.  


In 1971, Blake's son, Bob, joined the business upon college graduation.  He was no stranger to the wash having worked alongside his brother Jim at age 8 "pulling chain" for the Alart Car Wash.  Bob worked tirelessly and was promoted to manager in just one year taking over the responsibility of daily operations.  That same year, Bob's brother Jim was honorably discharged from the Army.  He joined the business that was in the process of expanding to Oklahoma City where he continues to operate four Red Carpet Car Washes today.  

In 2001, Jim and Bob bought the business from Blake, and soon after, in 2003, the third generation of Blakewells joined the family business.  Bob's son Rob came on board bringing new energy and ideas to the business including updating the services and equipment.  Unexpectedly, Rob passed away in 2004 at age 29.  He will forever be missed. In 2008, Bob's son Scott joined the company.  He also brought many new ideas to the business updating many of the company's systems and procedures.  He continues to carry on the Blakewell legacy for Red Carpet today.  


While many things have changed over the years from the Touchless system introduced in 1984 to the high pressure system installed in 2003 to offering Lube Services and State Vehicle Inspections, what hasn't changed is our commitment to tirelessly serving our community. We believe we have the best customers and the best employees in town, and we are committed to providing you with the best service in town.  

We appreciate your business! 

- The Blakewell Family 


A simple concept that has taken years to master, cleaning a vehicle with soap and water... 

Some customers like cloth car washes, and we know that they can provide an okay product. Car wash owners like them because they are cheaper and less demanding to maintain. That may be a good model for some, but we believe that our touchless system provides a superior product that over time will help customers maintain their investment.

Once your vehicle enter's the conveyor, it's cleaned with soap & pressurized water. The soap prepares the vehicle and the Wazer water provides the friction. Red Carpet's touchless system, using our custom Wazer machine, minimizes the potential for scratches or damage. The wash tunnel doesn't have any spinning cloth wheels or bands of fabric rubbing the car clean. It's a system that won't bend your license plate, rip off your antenna or remove the wiper blades because its truly touchless. We prefer to invest money in the system's operations, keeping the damages to a minimum with a high quality, consistent product.

After the car is prepped with pressurized soap, then sprayed with more soapy solution. After the appropriate dwell time, the Wazer system zero degree jets remove the debris from your car. Followed with triple-coat wax, Rain X, rinse-aid and the car is ready for drying.


Recycling Water:

Beginning in 1980, Red Carpet recycles 40% of the water we use to clean your vehicle, and we started this for a few reasons: 

1. Reduced water consumption.

2. Water pressure control for a more consistent product.

3. We value the resource and protecting the environment.

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